Jon Rahm: "It has not been my best day at all"

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Jon Rahm: "It has not been my best day at all"
Jon Rahm: "It has not been my best day at all"

Despite the 76 shots on the first day of the US PGA at Oak Hill in Rochester (NY) Jon Rahm was neither down nor sunk. "I started very well but then I haven't made any of the putts I've made this season and that keep you positive; if I make the three short putts at 3, 4 and 7...

It hasn't been my best day, but even so, if I had made those three short putts, I would finish +3 and things would look different”, the Basque told the special envoy of the Tengolf portal as soon as the round was over.

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"The most important thing on this course is to put the ball on the fairway. If you put the ball on the fairway you can have a lot of good birdie opportunities. And that's what I didn't do. Obviously, on the first six holes of the day I played very well.

I put myself in a good place and after that I found myself struggling," said the Basque. "The +3 was not my best day because I missed from the tee, several fairways too many, and also the bad luck of the wind on hole 2, the ball flew six meters too many, a gust, something that cannot be control, but the short putts of 3, 4 and 7...", he added.

"There's a long way to go, let's hope that the bad day is this, of course I want to fight, this is going to get harder and harder. If I manage to finish Saturday at even par on the course, I'll still have options for Sunday".

I said, to give up, nothing at all. The PGA Championship is an annual golf tournament organized by the American PGA as part of the PGA Tour, although it is also part of the European Tour. This championship is one of the so-called majors in golf, and it is the second of the majors that are played every year, now in the month of May (before it was played in August but after this change there is a major every month from April to July ).

The budget for prizes in the 2006 edition amounted to 6.8 million dollars (5.3 million euros, approximately). Since 1991, the tournament has been broadcast in the United States by the CBS television network. As in other majors, winning the tournament grants the player who wins certain privileges: the PGA champion is automatically invited to participate in the other three majors (the Augusta Masters, the United States Open and the British Open in Golf) for the next five years, and will be exempt from playing PGA qualifying for life.

He also becomes a member of the PGA Tour for the next five years and earns an automatic invite to play The Players tournament for the next five years. Throughout its history, the PGA tournament has been held at various courses throughout the United States.

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