Rory McIlroy impressed with Michael Block and his performance

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Rory McIlroy impressed with Michael Block and his performance
Rory McIlroy impressed with Michael Block and his performance

There are many golfers who have left a great impression on all of us with their appearances at the PGA Championship, and Michael Block is one of them. Block produced a hole-in-one and an impressive up-and-down on the final hole.

In the end, he finished in 15th place. Block achieved the most impressive result of his career, making him extremely happy with his performance. Rory McIlroy and Block were paired in Round 4. There were only kind words to be said about Michael by the Northern Irishman.

The atmosphere, his opponent's enthusiasm, and the crowd's support blew him away. "My playing partner today hit a couple of memorable golf shots. The atmosphere out there, playing with Michael, was unbelievable. We both got amazing support, but you know, he got unbelievable support, understandably so, being in this position as a club pro and playing so well and, you know, competing into the latter stages of a major championship.

It was really impressive. It was nice to go out there and share the course with him for 18 holes."- Rory McIlroy said, as quoted by

Rory McIlroy on Hole-In-One

Michael Block made a slam dunk Hole-In-One at the PGA Championship.

McIlroy was delighted with the performance of his opponent. It was truly a memorable move that will be talked about for a long time to come. Rory emphasized that Block took advantage of the momentum and form he is in, and only further confirmed how much confidence means.

"I mean, it was an amazing golf shot," said McIlroy. "That hole has sort of given me fits all week. I haven't really liked the look of it, and Michael stands up and hits this lovely little draw back into off the left wind, and you know, ball goes straight in the hole.

It was, I guess, sort of when it's your week, it's your week in a way, and you know, I think with the way the week went for him, it was a fitting way to cap off his PGA Championship."

Rory Mcilroy Michael Block

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