Eddie Pepperell: LIV Golf is ideal for Brooks Koepka

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Eddie Pepperell: LIV Golf is ideal for Brooks Koepka
Eddie Pepperell: LIV Golf is ideal for Brooks Koepka (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Eddie Pepperell caused a lot of reactions with an interesting post on Twitter. The English golfer is delighted with Brooks Koepka and his performance. He emphasized that LIV Golf is ideal for Koepka, considering the ambitions he has had for a long time.

“A lot of LIV/Brooks stuff going around today… Here’s my input; LIV is ideal for Brooks. He’s clearly only cared for the majors since 2017, so why not get paid a ton of cash to play when you hardly care.

It’s perfect for him. But love watching him do his stuff at the majors”. - Pepperell wrote. However, it did not take long for the reactions of others. One of the Twitter users thinks that Koepka doesn't have such a good score at LIV Golf and that you shouldn't focus so much on which side you belong to.

“Imagine waking up and feeling the need to write this! I like Eddie but come on, let’s celebrate the win without the side swipe. Also the point seem invalidated by the fact he has won on LIV twice in 13 events so seems he does like winning”.

Eddie Pepperell responded

Pepperell responded and emphasized that Koepka would certainly like to compete with the best in the world. Koepka belongs there. “Who doesn’t like winning? He’s too good to be on LIV and I think it’s a shame he’s not playing against the best in the world more regularly.

He must surely wish that too deep down in his competitive belly, but I could be wrong”. Koepka is a player who loves the big stage and big tournaments. A special motive is to play in the majors. However, Koepka confirmed two years ago that he sometimes has a problem being focused during tournaments that are not majors.

“It’s all mental. It’s tough to focus like that for - I’m going to be flat out honest. I can’t focus. A Major I get excited and I feel stuff on the first tee; I just struggle to do that in regular events.

The focus and discipline is there in a major where it’s not here. I kind of go for everything”.

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