Brooks Koepka's Coach Angry at Media for 'Neglecting' LIV Golf

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Brooks Koepka's Coach Angry at Media for 'Neglecting' LIV Golf
Brooks Koepka's Coach Angry at Media for 'Neglecting' LIV Golf (Provided by Tennis World USA)

As a swing instructor for new PGA Champion Brooks Koepka, Harmon III was brutally honest about his experiences with LIV Golf and the media pressure that has been going on for a long time in an interview with Golfweek. It seems that Harmon III is frustrated with what the media is doing right now.

There is a particular emphasis Harmon put on bias and misinformation. “You guys all think LIVs, maybe you’ve changed your tune, but initially, it was all just b*******, a bunch of guys playing who didn’t care, who got the money, who got the bag, and it’s 54 holes and there’s no competition and all that.

So it was easy for you guys to just pretend like these guys just weren’t good players anymore. And I think you guys largely did that because you drank the Kool-Aid of everybody else”. - Harmon III said, as quoted by Harmon III isn't just angry about LIV Golf's criticism.

His anger is also directed at the fact that the media did not want to pay attention to LIV Golf. There are many big names playing there, but the media had some completely different plans. Harmon emphasized that there is just as much good golf played at LIV Golf as on the PGA Tour.

"You guys pushed this narrative and pretended like LIV was an exhibition, nobody watched it, you guys didn’t report on it, none of you guys came to the tournaments. I mean the golf that I saw Cam [Smith] play last year, the golf that I saw DJ [Dustin Johnson] play last year, the golf that I saw Brooks play at the end of the year is the same golf that is being played on the PGA Tour.

You guys just tried to pretend that it wasn’t”.

Harmon III on Will Zalatoris

Brooks Koepka's coach believes that many things are unclear. His frustration is heightened by the fact that some players 'rise to stardom' when their results don't say so.

As an example of this, he gave Will Zalatoris. "There are a lot of people that you guys on the Tour side of this, I mean, blow smoke up their asses they’re world beaters. And some of these guys haven’t won tournaments in quite a long time.

The fact that Will Zalatoris is top 10 in the world is laughable, and it has nothing to do with him.

But my point with that is you guys all acted like Brooks was a s***** player and Will Zalatoris was great, but the guy has won one golf tournament, yeah, he’s finished second in a bunch of tournaments.

So have a lot of players, but you guys are ready to crown him as if he’s the second coming of Christ and you guys are acting like Brooks Koepka was a bum. Seriously, pre-Masters, that is what was happening. And you guys know that”.

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