Jack Nicklaus: "Rahm close to Tiger Woods"

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Jack Nicklaus: "Rahm close to Tiger Woods"
Jack Nicklaus: "Rahm close to Tiger Woods"

In a recent interview with the New York Times, to the fateful question "Which is currently the best player in the world", Jack Nicklaus answered showing great perplexity. “The answer is highly questionable” “I think Rory McIlroy is who I would probably have named as the best player in the world” “But, then, he failed to pass the cut at the Masters” “How is it possible that the best player in the world can't pass the cut at the first Major of the year?” Taking a step back, in July of last year Gary Player, in an interview with the Times, declared that current professional golf does not have a figure capable of defining an era of our sport, as did Nicklaus himself and Tiger Woods.

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The Golden Bear basically agrees with Player; however, he thinks there is someone who is as close to establishing dominance as he and Tiger did. “Rahm is the one that is closest” And Nicklaus sees a bit of himself in the reigning Masters Champion.

“I have followed Rahm since the beginning” "I've always thought he plays very brilliant golf" “He plays in a very similar way to me: from left to right, with a very powerful game” “I like the way he does it, he has a fire inside him that never goes out” “He may even lose control (as happened in Oak Hills, NDR), but it is something that comes back to him” “Many kids lose control, but this fact destroys them” Rahm currently occupies the second position in the World Ranking where, at the beginning of the year, was Rory McIlroy.

Nicklaus points out the reason that, according to him, caused the deterioration in the Northern Irish game. “Currently, his game is: par, par, birdie, birdie, birdie, quadruple” "We talked about it, and I said to him, 'Rory, the game is 100% concentration, and you can't afford to be at a point where you make a quadruple or worse.'

" “I think he understands this point well, He is certainly very intelligent”. But whoever occupies the top spot in the Ranking, Nicklaus believes a cast of stars alternating at the top is a good thing. “I believe that is the beauty of golf, unlike other sports where the elite of players is extremely small”.

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