Jordan Spieth on the severity of the injury and the main problem

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Jordan Spieth on the severity of the injury and the main problem
Jordan Spieth on the severity of the injury and the main problem

Currently, Jordan Spieth is experiencing a huge problem as a result of his wrist injury. Spieth managed to play with his wrist taped up at Oak Hill despite his injury. Due to the fact that Spieth is afraid of any complications, he is very cautious in his approach.

This great golfer is, however, a hopeful individual who believes that everything will be all right in the end. "At this point, I don't feel like I'm rushing things," said Spieth, as quoted by "I think I'm on par with following the docs I've talked to, and it's kind of a week-to-week thing because it's something that can get worse, and if it does, I need to cut it off immediately.

Ideally, I make it through this stretch, then have a little break in the summer prior to the Scottish, and that rest will probably help a lot. But I'm doing a lot of recovery stuff day to day that I'm not used to doing, but it's been helping."

Jordan Spieth on his injury

It is often difficult to assess the seriousness of Spieth's injury, since the situation sometimes appears to be ideal, and sometimes there seems to be a fear that things may worsen.

Spieth has been suffering from hand problems for a number of years now. The hardest thing to deal with is pain. "It's a pretty vague thing because it can be pretty significant and it can be very insignificant," he added. "The tendon itself is in a really good spot, which is most important.

Then there's some damage there, but not enough to be massively concerning as long as I'm listening to it. I have a bone spur in the same hand. This hand has caused me issues over the last five years or so. But I have another issue that can't get worse, it's just pain management.

So you can shoot that up to help with pain management at times." For him, the most important thing is to consult with people who can help him, that is, with doctors. "This is one I didn't want to do because it can get worse and I need to listen to it.

Just a ton of manual therapy to ice, laser, stim, because it can heal itself but there's not a lot of blood flow in the area so sometimes it takes a little longer. I just keep on staying in touch with specialists. They would err on the side of caution, and if they're pretty comfortable and I feel good about it, then I say why not play?"

Jordan Spieth

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