Michael Block angry because his words were taken out of context

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Michael Block angry because his words were taken out of context
Michael Block angry because his words were taken out of context

According to Michael Block, his remarks about becoming "one of the best players in the world" with Rory McIlroy's length were taken out of context. Since Block cannot understand the comments and criticisms of others, he explained what he meant.

"He’s a lot longer than I am, that’s what it is. What I would shoot from where Rory hits it would be stupid, I think I'd be one of the best players in the world, hands down. If I had that stupid length, all day, my iron game, wedge game, around the greens and my putting is world class”.

- Block said, as quoted by golfmonthly.com It is clear to Block that he cannot reach the level of world-class players in the near future. In his own mind, it is something he does not believe in. The problem with Block's analysis is that he does not understand why the media and others decided to change the context of the story.

“Who’s ever taken out of context the fact that I could be the best player in the world or all that crap if I could hit it as far as Rory. I mean the fact is, yeah if I was 60 to 70 to 80 yards longer off the tee yeah, of course I could compete on the PGA Tour.

I mean, come on. I’m not. I’m 46, I’m a club pro. These guys bomb it past me, and it’s cool, I’ve got no problem with it. Am I going to be the best player in the world or the top 20 in the world? No, I’m not, I’m still going to be a club pro at the end of the day”.

Charles Schwab Challenge

His performance at the Charles Schwab Challenge caused various comments to be made about him due to his disappointing performance. Block doesn't look back on it. There is only one thing he is focused on: playing, spreading positivity, and spreading love.

“I’m not going to be on tour and all that stuff, so all the haters out there, come on, man. I mean, really? It’s me. It’s Michael. I’m having fun. I’m just playing. I’m still a club pro forever and I love the PGA of America and if you hate me, you hate me, but I still love you, so whatever”.

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