The LIV Golf reopens the YouTube channel

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The LIV Golf reopens the YouTube channel
The LIV Golf reopens the YouTube channel

The league led by Greg Norman is still looking to square the circle with regards to the issue of broadcasting. As we know, last January LIV Golf concluded the agreement for television rights in the United States with The CW Network.

The US network has chosen golf to offer a new product to its listeners, while Greg Norman has focused on the capillary diffusion of the network in American homes. Well, the first assessments of the collaboration were not exciting.

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The audience data never appeared relevant. The lack of experience of the CW in the sports field has created problems in the transmission of events, coming to cut the end of the playoff played in Tulsa and won by Dustin Johnson.

The icing on the cake, CBS, one of the historic television partners of the PGA Tour, owner of eight local stations belonging to the CW network, has officially canceled its affiliation starting next September. The first result was the cessation of the dissemination of share data by the LIV.

Now a new setting of the broadcasting system has arrived, based on the reactivation of the YouTube channel, which integrates the agreement with The CW Network on the US market and joins the LIVGolf+ application. The service, already active for the event held last weekend at Trump National Washington D.C., is subject to a fee for the United States, Canada, Mexico and South Korea.

It is instead in free streaming for the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. Will Staeger, Media Director at LIV Golf, said: “The expansion of event coverage via the YouTube channel marks another important step in the innovative ways we make our innovative events available to the public” "LIV Golf is a global league featuring some of professional golf's biggest stars, and this move furthers our goal to bring the sport we love to as many people as possible." Translated from English-LIV Golf is a professional golf tour.

The name "LIV" refers to the Roman numerals for 54, the score if every hole on a par-72 course had been scored with birdies, and the number of holes to be played in LIV events.

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