Key to the Celtics' comeback has been... golf

"We kept the basketball away and focused on each other and brought back the camaraderie and the team"

by Andrea Gussoni
Key to the Celtics' comeback has been... golf

There are times in sport when it is more than necessary to break the routine and find different escape routes to get out of tense or complicated situations. Joventut did it in the 1994 Final Four when Zeljko Obradovic took the team to the Tel Aviv zoo to get away from the spotlight and the pressure, with the well-known result: the European League title.

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The Celtics needed some boost when they conceded 0-3 against Miami in the Eastern final and found it out of the usual preparation. Instead of analyzing the mistakes made so far and insisting on finding solutions, the Celtics players chose to stop thinking about basketball.

Led by Al Horford, they went to play golf at Topgolf, as explained by Jared Weiss of The Athletic. "We completely skipped video sessions," admitted Grant Williams. "We kept the basketball away and focused on each other and brought back the camaraderie and the team.

We disconnected from the real pressures and were able to just enjoy each other. We've done movies before, us. We've done dinner parties, but that was it. the first time we did anything active. Then we picked up the videos the next day," Grant Williams told Weiss.

"Sometimes we get too involved in everything that happens in our business and it's our job but at the same time you have to have perspective," Horford said. Interestingly, the man who inspired the activity was Al Horford, one of those who missed the most shots while playing golf.

Jaylen Brown called the decision to play golf a pivotal moment in the series. The Boston Celtics are one of the 30 franchises of the NBA (National Basketball Association), the professional basketball league of the United States of America.

Their headquarters are in Boston, and therefore play in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference. The Celtics have won the NBA championship 17 times (a record tied with the Los Angeles Lakers), including eight consecutive times (1959 to 1966), a record for a North American professional sport[4], and 22 conference titles (record for the East).

They are also number one in the Atlantic Division Hall of Fame, with 24 wins. The franchise is owned by Boston Basketball Partners L.L.C., a consortium of investors led by finance magnate Wycliffe Grousbeck, who took over the company in 2002 from Paul Gaston.

Brad Stevens is the general manager. The franchise, founded in 1946, is one of three (along with the New York Knicks and Golden State Warriors) that have participated in all editions of the NBA. The team plays its home games at the TD Garden in Boston. The club colors are white and green, while the symbol is a leprechaun.