Swing Collectors, golf and art together in Italy

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Swing Collectors, golf and art together in Italy
Swing Collectors, golf and art together in Italy

“Swing Collectors” is one of the most recent attempts to bring golf and art together. The occasion was promoted by Weppart, a portal for the promotion and enhancement of contemporary art and artists. The location was the Parco di Roma Golf Club.

The auction is one of the first held in our country.

Swing Collectors, golf

“The swing in golf is the movement – reads the presentation of the event – which encloses the sense of the profound harmony of the union between man, gesture and tool.

The golf club is an extension of the human anatomy. It is the continuation of an upward impulse that comes true through an energy that originates from the ground, from the feet. The swing passes through the body to encourage an ancient and silent sense of flight.

For the first time, the connection between art and golf is outlined in a path that blends the two realities in a unique way. But that's not all: he presents them with the topicality that pertains to the proposed artistic choice (i.e.

through the NFTs) right inside a golf club. NFT stands for Not Fungible Token, i.e. systems that allow you to certify the digital rarity of an asset. In the art world, buying an NFT does not mean taking home a painting but its certificate.

It is a document issued by the creator of the work which certifies the transfer of the work. However, the work can safely remain online, accessible to all. For the DigyArs&Golf event Che Swing! ten artists shared and interpreted this emotion.

Swing has thus been narrated in the creation of twenty unique and unrepeatable NFT works. The authors are Francesco Astiaso Garcia, Sebastiano Bianco, Raffaele Canepa, Francesca Fini, Simone Ghera, Riccardo La Monica, Mauro Molle, Cristiano Quagliozzi, Milena Scardigno, Stefano Trappolini.

The twenty NFT works were presented to an audience of art and golf enthusiasts on 11 May. The next day was the original NFT auction. So DigyArs&Golf Che Swing! wants to be a special tribute to an event of extraordinary importance for the world of golf: the 44th edition of the Ryder Cup which will be held for the first time in Italy.

An epochal sporting event, one of the most followed on a global level, where millions of passionate and curious golfers (in person and not) will share the thrill of the swing in the setting of the Eternal City. "DigyArs&Golf What a swing!

it is an extraordinary first time - we read - where even those who do not have direct knowledge of the world of golf can be invested with the emotions that are their own, thanks to the absolute energy of art".