Jon Rahm changes his mind about no-cut events

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Jon Rahm changes his mind about no-cut events
Jon Rahm changes his mind about no-cut events

A large number of golfers have given their views on no-cut events, something that has sparked a great deal of discussion. A no-cut event with a limited field will be introduced by the PGA Tour in 2024. By doing so, the PGA Tour hopes to influence the progression of golf, as well as attract more attention to the Tour itself.

A golfer who has been doing exceptionally well lately, Jon Rahm, said a few months ago that the PGA Tour is doing an excellent job promoting the sport. "I think in the long run once you take a step back and you realize it truly is the best for everybody, it's the best product for the PGA Tour."-Rahm said, as quoted by

Jon Rahm changed his mind

However, Jon Rahm changed his mind a few months later, just before the Memorial Tournament.

A number of factors were taken into consideration, as well as the benefits that come with cuts. Rahm believes that there are many reasons why he is now promoting cut. "I've gone back and forth on this issue," he said. "I had first was an advocate for no cut and the more time has gone by I've become an advocate for a cut.

So I think it's a part of the game and I think it's an important part of the game, as harsh as it may be to cut out maybe only 20 players. On the flip side, you know, it's only 20 players that you have to beat to make the cut.

So I think it's a part of it. You earn your way into the weekend and then you earn that win. It's a part I enjoy and I experienced recently at the PGA. I mean, that Friday had a different feel when I was fighting to make the cut.

It's a different type of pressure and you never know what playing good on a Friday to make the cut might ignite towards the weekend."

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