Porsche European Open '23 with two leaders

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Porsche European Open '23 with two leaders
Porsche European Open '23 with two leaders

The first lap of the Porsche European Open has ended, an event of the DP World Tour 2022-2023 which is now a classic in Hamburg. In command are the Swede Simon Forsstrom and the German Maximilian Kieffer, with very different experiences on the continental circuit.

For the two laps in -4, in a certainly not easy field condition.

Porsche European Open, results

Group of four in third position, the Dane Marcus Helligkilde, the Norwegian Kristian Krogh Johannessen, the Dutch Joost Luiten and the English Jordan Smith, who are all at -3 (69 strokes, on this par 72).

There are five, however, who occupy the seventh position at -2. These are, precisely, the Germans Freddy Schott, Marcel Siem and Jannik de Bruyn, the Spaniard Santiago Tarrio, the Englishman Paul Waring, the Scotsman Ewen Ferguson and the Frenchman Julien Brun.

As for the Italians, good start from Renato Paratore, who is in the group of fourteenths at -1. The others are a little behind, but in a good position: +1 for Edoardo Molinari, who is 40th together with Francesco Laporta, while Guido Migliozzi is 53rd at +2.

Hamburg is a city-state in Germany, formerly part of the Hanseatic League, located on the Elbe River estuary. With about 1.85 million inhabitants, it is the second most populous city in Germany, after the capital Berlin, and it is also the most populous non-capital city in the European Union.

The Port of Hamburg is one of the most important ports in the world which, together with the international airport, makes Hamburg an important global logistics centre. From an economic point of view, the metropolis is recognized in the fields of aerospace technology, life sciences, information technology, as well as the consumer goods industry and the media.

Since 1996 Hamburg has also been the seat of the International Tribunal of the Law of the Sea (TIDM). Hamburg, in line with its Hanseatic past, still constitutes a city-state today and officially bears the title of Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg.

In 2019 a study by the global consultancy Mercer ranked Hamburg 19th among the 20 cities in the world with the best quality of life. Hamburg sits on the banks of the River Elbe (Elbe in German) in northwestern Germany. It is a city-state (Stadtstaat), located between the Länder of Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen) and Schleswig-Holstein.

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