Reasoned water management for the Ffgolf

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Reasoned water management for the Ffgolf
Reasoned water management for the Ffgolf

As summer is about to begin and a heat wave is announced in several regions, the president of the French Golf Federation, Pascal Grizot, publishes an open letter to the thousands of golfers on whom he counts for get its message across: the ffgolf and its clubs work tirelessly, and move forward, so that water management is more and more reasoned, reasonable, and that it is no longer the subject of unjust and unfounded attacks .

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Here are some excerpts from his river letter, to better understand the issues, which are more crucial than ever, and the solutions on which the Federation is working with many partners: “Almost a year ago, during the summer of 2022, when France was facing an intense period of drought, unfair and sometimes violent attacks were made against our sport by political figures.

By deliberately referring to an obsolete parliamentary report (since contradicted by two more recent reports, as serious as they are professional), the watering of our golf courses, presumed, in their eyes, to be irresponsible, voluminous and intended to satisfy the privileged few, was denounced.

These harsh criticisms have also triggered incivility and, even more seriously, led to damage in a dozen of our clubs. The very idea that the dissemination of false information could make you doubt the owners and managers of the golf course as well as the maintenance professionals of our courses was unbearable to us.
Pascal Grizot, president of the ffgolf At the heart of this moment of tension, then inhabited by a deep feeling of injustice, we made the promise, with all the members of the ffgolf Steering Committee and the representatives of the sector, never again to let anyone wrongly tarnish the image of golf.

Just as we have made it our duty to keep you informed of our actions and our constant progress in terms of ecological transition. Months have passed since this media frenzy. Since then, in the wake of major but little-known efforts made in recent years by our golf courses to generate water savings, things have evolved further.

They have evolved because we act. We continue to develop our partnerships with the Water Agencies. Public establishments of the Ministry of Ecological Transition, their mission is to act for a sustainable and united sharing of water resources.

As such, they provide financial support to the various economic players concerned by the use of this resource and determined to reduce their consumption".