Billy Mayfair on winning vs. Tiger Woods and autism diagnosis

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Billy Mayfair on winning vs. Tiger Woods and autism diagnosis
Billy Mayfair on winning vs. Tiger Woods and autism diagnosis

Billy Mayfair is a golfer that many fondly remembe. For older golf fans, Mayfair is a name that is well known to them. In his career on the PGA Tour, Mayfair is the only player who has beaten Tiger Woods in a playoff. His memory of that moment will never fade away.

There was nothing more satisfying for Billy than winning on home soil. Despite knowing how dangerous an opponent Woods was and what qualities he possessed, Mayfair did not give up a single moment during the game and had a plan to defeat him despite everything.

“To still be asked, even after 25 years, it’s an honor,” -Mayfair told the Des Moines Register, as quoted by “It really is. Tiger is, if not the best player, one of the best players in the world.

It was more gratifying to me because it was in (Los Angeles), on a home golf course that he’d grown up on. I think everyone just kind of expected him to win. But I was playing good that week. Tiger made a comment to me once, that I’m the only one he can’t intimidate.

So, that was a really nice gesture on his part”.

Billy Mayfair on his career and autism

Mayfair began his career as a swimmer but quickly decided to turn to golf. “When I first started, I was a really good swimmer,” Mayfair said.

“But for swimming, we got ribbons. For golf, we got trophies. That made my decision really easy”. Mayfair was diagnosed with autism in 2019. He understood why he always liked being alone on the golf course. “Now that I have my autism diagnosis, I understand why I’d love going out to the golf course and being by myself and playing,” Mayfair said. “Just being out there by myself, I never could figure out why I loved doing that so much”.

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