Collin Morikawa withdraws with back injury

“Just recover, get some work done. That’s all I can do,” -Morikawa said

by Sead Dedovic
Collin Morikawa withdraws with back injury

The Memorial is going to have one less player on the field on Sunday as Collin Morikawa, a former major winner who has withdrawn from the tournament, will not be able to compete. The American golfer Morikawa was two shots of the lead heading into his round on Sunday.

However, he decided to withdraw after warming up, as a result of back spasms, starting the round at 4-under. In an interview with the media, Morikawa explained how everything went wrong. He was preparing for a tournament and doing exercises, but he had a sudden pain in his back while he was doing these exercises.

To him, it was a strange sensation, considering that he had never encountered anything like it before. Morikawa is a golfer who seems to play almost every tournament, and he rarely withdraws from any of them.
“We were doing some like reflex stuff, trying to reach down and try to pick something up like quick and low.

Went after it weird,”- Morikawa said, as quoted by “Literally have never had this in my life. I’ve hurt my back briefly before, but like nothing has been this bad, especially never warming up, never doing anything pre-round.

It sucks. I think it’s the first tournament I’ve ever withdrawn from in my entire life”.

Collin Morikawa will rest

The situation with Morikawa does not appear too concerning as he still has a rest period to go through.

There was no doubt in his mind that he would never repeat that exercise again. The future looks bright for him, and he is optimistic about it. “Just recover, get some work done. That’s all I can do,” -Morikawa said. “Like I’m not, I’m not too worried about it...

Just not a time in the season where you want it to happen. I woke up fine, all signs led to me being fine. Just freak little accident warming up. Never doing that exercise again”.

Collin Morikawa