Ryder Cup, the outsiders could be reinstated

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Ryder Cup, the outsiders could be reinstated
Ryder Cup, the outsiders could be reinstated

Peace made. PGA Tour and Liv unite to end a two-year battle between the historic body that governs American golf and the new Saudi-owned league. The announcement came in the American morning. As part of the merger, the Public Investment Fund, owner of Liv Golf, has signed a commercial agreement that includes rights and merchandising of the Pga Tour and the dp World Tour.

The name of the new organization has not yet been made official but will be " a shared for-profit property that will ensure all members benefit from a model aimed at maximizing competition and the level of the game with all the best players in the world".

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It remains to be seen whether the players who had broken with the PGA and therefore had been excluded from Ryder. The DP World Tour had said that those who joined the Saudi League would no longer be eligible to participate in Ryder, but a door was left open in the official statement which read: "For the purposes of determining eligibility for selection for the Ryder Cup team 2023 (September 29-October 1, Marco Simone Golf and Country Club of Guidonia Montecelio, just outside Rome), European players belonging to the Dp World Tour, whether they are qualified members, ad honorem for life, past champions ( this is the key step, ed.) or arrived via the Challenge Tour".

The possible reintegration into the Dp Tour of golfers of the caliber of Henrik Stenson, Sergio Garcia, as regards the Europeans therefore remains to be defined. As well as that of the many Americans, from Phil Mickelson to Bryson DeChambeau and Dustin Johnson.

LIV Golf, also known as the Super Golf League, is a professional golf circuit. It was founded in 2022, with the sponsorship of the Public Investment Fund (it is the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia) 1. The circuit rivals the PGA Tour (United States) and the DP World Tour (Europe), offering substantially higher prize money.

The name LIV refers to the total number of holes to be played in each event (54 in Roman numerals, corresponding to 3 rounds of 18 holes), as opposed to the usual 72 holes (4 rounds of 18 holes) on other tours. Alternatively, 54 is the score obtained by scoring a birdie on every hole on a par 72.2 round.

In March 2022, the CEO of LIV Golf, former professional golfer and former world number one Greg Norman, announced the schedule for the first season of the LIV Golf Invitational Series. This consists of eight tournaments, to be played over a total of 54 holes without cut.

Each tournament will have a field of 48 players, who will be grouped into 12 teams of four players, with simultaneous starts. The total amount of prizes to be distributed amounts to 255 million dollars.

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