Ryder Cup '23 will leave a great legacy to Italy

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Ryder Cup '23 will leave a great legacy to Italy
Ryder Cup '23 will leave a great legacy to Italy

"The Ryder Cup is the third sporting event in the world in terms of media importance and the project we have undertaken with the Italian Golf Federation and which concerns the whole country, from North to South, will not end in 2023 at the end of the challenge between team Europe and the USA team, but in 2027.

The Italian Ryder Cup will leave a great legacy in Rome and Italy and represents a great driving force for tourism. In a few months, 300,000 spectators from all over the world will arrive in the Eternal City to admire a global rendezvous".

This was stated by Gian Paolo Montali, general manager of the Ryder Cup 2023 project, on the occasion of the event "Rome and major sporting events" organized by the Lumsa University.

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"The enterprise - underlined Montali again - of the president of Federgolf, Franco Chimenti, of bringing the Ryder Cup to Italy was incredible.

The Ryder Cup will also represent a driving force for other events, I am thinking of Rome's candidacy to host the Expo 2030. Ryder will be fundamental from many points of view: for infrastructures, for the enhancement of the territory, for the growth of tourism and new talents, and for the development of golf, a sport for everyone, which in Italy will have to reach the popularity it deserves.

Without Rome, a wonderful and iconic city, we could never have won the opportunity to host the Ryder Cup in Italy, which will generate a very important economic impact. Thanks to all the institutions involved for always supporting us".

The Ryder Cup matches involve various types of match play between the players chosen from the 2 teams each played over 18 holes. According to the formula now in force, the competition includes eight foursomes challenges, eight fourballs and twelve individual matches.

The winner or the winning couple of each match gets one point for their team, in case of a tie both teams get half a point. A foursome match is a match between two pairs of golfers: players from the same team take turns hitting the ball.

Fourball is always a game between two pairs, but each player completes his hole independently, choosing the best result of the pair, and comparing it with that of his opponents. Finally, an individual challenge is a match between two golfers in which each golfer finishes his hole and compares his result with that of his opponent.

In all three cases each hole is won by the team or individual with the least number of strokes, and whoever wins the most holes wins the match.

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