Keith Pelley: "The return? First pays the fine"

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Keith Pelley: "The return? First pays the fine"
Keith Pelley: "The return? First pays the fine"

Keith Pelley, executive director of the DP World Tour (former European Tour), by teleconference assessed the three-way agreement: PGA Tour, European Circuit and LIV Golf without specifying much (little or nothing rather) of the 'agreement', which he assured will be very good for golf and especially for European golf.

However, he did not specify details or the role that the European Tour will have in the new world golf map.

Keith Pelley, statements

Pelley was clear that those players who wish to return to the European Tour, become members again, "will first have to comply with their sanctions, which includes the full payment of the fine.

The next thing will be to make a decision analyzing each case. And finally , we would have to change our rules, since it says that you have to be a member from at least May 1." Making a bit of history, after learning about the fines imposed on the members who played the LIV Golf without the express authorization of the DP World Tour, and who therefore broke the rules governing the members of the Circuit, there were some who decided to resign from their status as members of the European Tour.

In this situation were, among others, Sergio García from Castellón. To this day he still has not paid the fine. Therefore, the one from Borriol will have to pay the fine to re-enter the European Circuit. Until he does, as Pelley clarified, Sergio will not be able to be a member of the DP World Tour and, therefore, will not be eligible for the Ryder Cup as a player or as captain.

The PGA Tour became its own organization in 1968, when it split from the PGA of America, which is now primarily an association of golf professionals, such as instructors and club managers. Tournament players first formed their own organization, the Association of Professional Golfers (APG).

Later, in 1968, the players abolished the APG and agreed to operate as the PGA "Tournament Players Division", a fully autonomous division of the PGA, overseen by a new 10-member Tournament Policy Board. The name then officially changed to "PGA Tour" in 1975.