Nelly Korda delighted with Pebble Beach Golf Links

“The views on every hole are amazing,” she said

by Sead Dedovic
Nelly Korda delighted with Pebble Beach Golf Links

After a practice round at Pebble Beach Golf Links, Nelly Korda, a well-known golfer, was very impressed with that course. Her experiences playing on this iconic course began with video games as a kid. The difference between video games and reality, however, is vast.

Aside from the view, Korda mentioned a number of aspects that she is pleased with. “The views on every hole are amazing,” she said. "I feel like you get to a hole and you're like, this is my favourite view, and then you get to another hole and, no, this is actually my favourite view." It will be the first time the course hosts the US Women's Open.

This is something that Nelly Korda, as well as golf fans everywhere, are very happy to hear. Like other female golfers, Korda knows this will make her a part of history. "So very scenic, amazing golf course, so much history, and so grateful to be out here.

It's amazing to see we're making these massive strides forward. Not only with the increase in purses but the venues we get to play, the rich history that we just get to be a part of. I think that's our little piece of history, as well”.

Weather will be an important factor at the start. Korda is also aware of that. She hopes for good conditions and a good game. “The weather is a big, just being here on the coast, adjustment of yardages. It doesn't fly as far typically,” she said.

Nelly Korda on patience

Korda will have to adapt to many things. She understands that the task will not be easy at all, but judging by her behavior and optimism, she is in for a good tournament. Nelly emphasized that patience will be the most important thing during the tournament.

“Then I would say just the slope. I had so many shots where the ball was below my feet, above my feet, and then on top of that, you're hitting into small greens, so you have to adjust with the slope and hit the green.

Making sure you stay patient is going to be very crucial this week”.

Source: Golfmonthly

Nelly Korda