Ian Poulter on 'potential' outcomes for LIV Golf


Ian Poulter on 'potential' outcomes for LIV Golf

The PGA Tour-LIV Golf merger has caused a lot of confusion, despite the fact that this will mean a 'unification of warring parties' Many are wondering what the details of this agreement are, and what it will mean in the long run.

The rumors that have been circulating in recent weeks are those related to LIV Golf and the possibility that it will disappear. LIV Golfers, however, believe that such rumors have no basis and that they are not true. In an interview with the media, Ian Poulter confirmed that LIV Golf continues to progress and achieve its goals.

"I mean, look, I can only talk about the stuff that I know, which is that LIV is moving full steam ahead," Poulter said. "It's business as usual. I don't know all the incidentals of the framework agreement, how that framework agreement is going to be pulled together on either party, either of the three.

I don't know the investment piece of all of the three and how the evaluations are going. I can only comment on facts, and the facts that I know is that LIV is moving forward; it's business as usual. So for us, that's exciting.

Can't speculate on the speculation that's out there, but we are full steam ahead at LIV and as Team Majesticks."

Cameron Smith on LIV Golf

Cameron Smith, one of the best players at LIV Golf, emphasized that LIV Golf cannot disappear.

This project has been worked on for a long time, a lot has happened, and precisely for these reasons, LIV Golfers believe that this Tour will continue where it left off. Cameron Smith praised many aspects of LIV Golf. "I really can't see LIV Golf going away," said Smith.

"I think team golf is here to stay, and if you asked every one of us out here, all the 48 guys, I think everyone has such a good time and everyone enjoys what they're doing out here. They love the competition, that team element really brings three or four guys really close that perhaps weren't before.

It's good to see. It's unique. I don't think it's going anywhere."

Source: Golfmonthly

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