Nick Faldo: Rory McIlroy needs to act like he owns the ring


Nick Faldo: Rory McIlroy needs to act like he owns the ring
Nick Faldo: Rory McIlroy needs to act like he owns the ring

Nick Faldo commented on Rory McIlroy's recent success at the Scottish Open. Faldo believes that Rory will continue his good form at the US Open. This experienced golfer and TV commentator had some interesting advice for Rory; Nick thinks Rory should act like he's defending the ring.

“Yeah, why not?” Faldo said. “It’s like saying ‘I own the ring, you ain’t gonna knock me down’. I felt that way when I came back to Muirfield in 1992 after winning in 1987. I was playing well, I was world number one, one of the favourites and all that and I thought ‘yeah, this is my spot, I’m gonna defend winning at Muirfield’.

Rory McIlroy is in great shape, and he wants to transfer that to the biggest challenge that will follow him. The Northern Irishman is motivated like never before. The momentum he is in could be an indication of something big.

“He’s got to be feeling good going back to somewhere he’s won before. He’s playing well. I think the most important thing is he just wants to be a golfer right now, give me a bit of space, let me breathe, let me just go and play.

He’s one of the top few players in the world and it’s probably a nice feeling for him – he knows if he plays really well he knows the names he’s got to beat”.

Last Major

Nine years have passed since his last Major.

The pressure created by the media and fans is really extreme. In such conditions, it is difficult to be 'the right one' However, Rory changed his mentality and decided not to dwell on such things. The fact is that he was close to the majors several times before, but each time without success.

Will the Open finally end his drought? “I was doing the TV and the number of times I would say this must be so demoralising, he hits it 320 yards and then hits a wedge to 60 feet and three-putts it,” Faldo added.

“That’s such a killer to a pro. If he avoids that, if his bad wedge was to 20ft, then you’re laughing. That’s got to be his goal, really hone that short game and somehow trick himself and just imagine you’re 16 again and this is the most important tournament in my life, I’ve got a chance to win an Open; try and find that kind of motivation.

Nine years is a long time, not many players go nine years [between major wins] but he’s so talented. It’s not like his game’s gone downhill. If he can find a way to almost hit the reset button, he’s still in his prime age; he’s just got to find that little bit of trust and determination.

Can you fend off everybody else? You’ve got three days playing against yourself before you then take on the rest of the guys. I’ve got kind of a good vibe. I think he could pull another one out. I think he has a hell of a chance”.

Source: Irishnews

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