Jon Rahm reveals whether he is in favor of compensation from the PGA Tour


Jon Rahm reveals whether he is in favor of compensation from the PGA Tour
Jon Rahm reveals whether he is in favor of compensation from the PGA Tour

After the merger between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf, many questions and doubts arose. The merger caused mostly negative reactions. It seems that LIV Golfers got the most out of this deal. Jon Rahm, a man who remained loyal to the PGA Tour, but also never publicly criticized LIV Golf, answered questions from reporters before the Open.

An interesting question was; Does Rahm think PGA Tour players should be compensated for staying loyal? "It's a tricky question. So I understand the PGA Tour wanting to do something for those players who helped and stayed on the PGA Tour, but at the same time -- and I'll be the first one to say -- I wasn't forced into anything.

It was my choice to stay. Do I think they absolutely should be and there must be a compensation? No. I just stayed because I think it's the best choice for myself and for the golf I want to play."

Jon Rahm on PGA Tour

The Spaniard would certainly not refuse additional money, but it is not his priority.

He is satisfied with the conditions on the PGA Tour and expects even greater things in the future. Rahm has expressed his gratitude many times to PGA Tour officials who have shown him their trust and support countless times.

"Now, with that said, if they want to do it, I'm not going to say no. We all had the chance to go to LIV and take the money and we chose to stay at the PGA Tour for whatever reason we chose. As I've said before, I already make an amazing living doing what I do.

I'm extremely thankful, and that all happened because of the platform the PGA Tour provided me. As far as I'm concerned they've done enough for me, and their focus should be on improving the PGA Tour and the game of golf for the future generations." Source: Golfmonthly

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