Pascal Grizot: "This is something incredible"

"First, there is no will on my part to want to recover anything. It would be best to ask him"

by Andrea Gussoni
Pascal Grizot: "This is something incredible"

Pascal Grizot, the President of the French Golf Federation, made the round trip this Sunday to come and support Céline Boutier. A player who was able to benefit from the help of the Federation in her youth.

Pascal Grizot, statements

"Huge joy!

This is something incredible for French golf because obviously what gets the media's attention are the professional results. We have already had very good results among amateurs but who says victory in a professional tournament, especially a Major in France, says attract the attention of the media.

I am not convinced that having very great champions will necessarily help the development of golf. We saw it for example with countries like Germany which had very great players. They didn't necessarily have a license increase.

Now, obviously, having a champion like Céline, I think it can attract the attention of non-golfers but above all it shows a way. When she was an amateur, helped by the Federation, she managed to magnify all these means that were made available to her to make the right choices and finally get where she is".

"First, there is no will on my part to want to recover anything. It would be best to ask him. In any case, when in a period when she was an amateur, when her parents did not necessarily have the means to be able to support her financially to have the best technical support, the Federation was there.

She was already integrated into the poles at Le Golf National, she benefited from the support of federal coaches and financial support from the Federation. When she turned professional, we helped her at a time when, although she had a lot of talent, she had no sponsor.

The money given to him by the Federation was instrumental in launching his career" "She is a girl who is extremely strong psychologically. She demonstrated her ability to win tournaments and overcome pressure at a very young age.

She has an ability to always make very good choices but also an ability to work a lot, and there, it paid off. What impressed me the most was obviously his long irons which were outstanding all week. And then her putting too, even if she was often close to the flags, she knew how to get her birdie chances".