The Italian revival part of the Challenge Tour


The Italian revival part of the Challenge Tour
The Italian revival part of the Challenge Tour

If no calls come from the major circuits, the 2023 season of Italian golf in the Challenge Tour is quite flourishing. 9 tournaments from the Majorca Grand Final, the Azzurri already boast 5 successes, a historic record for our compatriots in the second most important European circuit.

Two high notes from a rediscovered Matteo Manassero, capable of establishing himself at the end of May in Copenhagen, and at the start of June in front of his home crowd in Vicenza.

Challenge Tour, results

The eternal promise from the Veneto was first joined by Andrea Pavan and Lorenzo Scalise, both scoring in the Czech Republic, then by Francesco Laporta with success in the German Challenge.

Important and peremptory victories that project the Azzurri to the top of the Road to Mallorca Ranking, a classification that will assign the passes for the closing event of 2023, which will give away 20 cards for next season's European Tour.

Situation therefore to be viewed between now and October, when the Happs Open de Provence will be held, the last act before the Majorcan tournament. THE TOP TEN OF THE ROAD TO MALLORCA RANKING 1- Casey Jarvis (RSA) 1131.17 points
2- Hugh Coussaud (FRA) 995.46
3- Matthew Manassero 980,97
4- Manuel Elvira (ESP) 881.72
5-Lorenzo Scalise 857.24
6- Adam Blomme (SWE) 783.50
7- Brandon Stone (RSA) 641.15
8- Jesper Svensson (SWE) 638.32
9-Benjamin Follett-Smith (ZWE) 625.11
10-Will Enefer (ENG) 621.10 11-Andrea Pavan 609.98
22- Francesco Laporta 461.30
54- Philip Celli 233.56
58- Gregorio De Leo 219,27
77- Renato Paratore 150.19
87-Aron Zemmer 126.90 With these premises, the Azzurri are aggressively applying for a leading role in the Challenge Tour Grand Final, an event that will accept the first 45 golfers in the ranking at the starting line.

Spotlights on for the next nine events. We will start on Thursday with the British Challenge, to then continue in Scotland, before an important Scandinavian parenthesis. The Challenge Tour is an annual series of golf tournaments and is the second level of the PGA European Tour.

It is mainly held in Europe, but also in other parts of the world, except in North America - there there is the corresponding Nationwide Tour of the US PGA TOUR. The tournament series was introduced in 1986 and was originally called the Satellite Tour.

The 15 best players in the annual ranking will be eligible to play in the 1st league, the PGA European Tour, for the coming year, while the next 30 will be granted a more or less limited entitlement to participate. If you win three tournaments in one season, you can immediately start the "big" tour.

You qualify for the Challenge Tour via the Satellite Tour (formerly Third Level Tours), consisting of the Alps Tour, Pro Golf Tour, Nordic League and PGA EuroPro Tour, namely the first 5 of the respective annual rankings.

However, you can also obtain the right to participate through annual qualifying tournaments – the Qualifying School.

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