Ryder Cup 2031, third golf course ruled out


Ryder Cup 2031, third golf course ruled out
Ryder Cup 2031, third golf course ruled out

The Generalitat de Catalunya has ruled out the construction of the third golf course claimed by the organization of the Ryder Cup tournament to bring the 2031 edition to the facilities of the Camiral Golf and Wellness complex, formerly known as PGA Catalunya.

A spokesperson for the different agents involved in the project so that this international event can be held in this space in Caldes de Malavella (Girona) in eight years has confirmed that the Catalan government has transferred this decision to him on Tuesday.

The same source points out, however, that the position of the promoters of the candidacy is to keep the talks open and that a new proposal is transferred to the Ryder CUP organization that avoids the construction of that third field and allows the initiative to move forward.

with the two existing ones.

Ryder Cup 2031, situation

The refusal of the Generalitat has been advanced by 'El Periódico', which points to the end of the conversations with those responsible for the project after being informed of the decision.

The Government's motive has to do with the conviction that there are already enough golf courses in Catalonia and with the current context of drought. It also points to a supposed urban project with a hotel or apartments with 12,000 square meters of roof, although the spokesman for the promoters of the candidacy assures that the plan presented to the Generalitat once modified after a previous refusal only contemplated the construction of the third field.

"There was nothing officially about other things," this source explained to EFE, who reiterated that this third field was required by the organization of the tournament due to the absence in Catalonia of one that adapts to its technical requirements.

Now, the next step is to wait for the response from those responsible for the Ryder Cup to find out if they open the door to the possibility of continuing with the existing courses. In any case, from the project it is insisted that they are not closed to continue with the conversations and remember that all the investment will be private and adapted to environmental standards.

They also recall that the candidacy has "the support of the Government of Spain, the Spanish and Catalan golf federations or the councils of Barcelona and Girona". The economic sectors of Girona have spoken out in their favor since the beginning of the project and have highlighted the repercussion in areas such as the hotel industry or the restoration of an appointment that attracts thousands of spectators to attend this confrontation between a team from Europe and another from the United States.

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