Kevin Na is looking forward to playing the LIV Golf event in Korea


Kevin Na is looking forward to playing the LIV Golf event in Korea
Kevin Na is looking forward to playing the LIV Golf event in Korea

Kevin Na is very optimistic about the LIV Golf event that will be held in Korea in the near future. This great golfer emphasized that Koreans currently do not have much information about LIV Golf, but that they are getting new information every day that will help them get to know LIV Golf.

"I think the Korean fans are learning more about LIV and about the Iron Heads," said Na, as quoted by "It's still new to them. And right now they're only translating what is all the articles and the media that's been posted, they just translate it.

There isn't someone that is a direct source of LIV information." Recently, Korea has been doing a lot to promote golf, and there are more and more young people who decide to play this sport. "I think we're going to address that, and I think LIV will address that moving forward.

Once we have an event over there, I think you'll get the whole golfing fans in Korea. I think golf has really grown in Korea over the last 10-plus years, and we've created a lot of great golfers that play well around the world, male and female." It is still not known whether LIV Golf events will see their light in Korea next year or in 2025.

"I think once they see the product, if we do end up playing there next year, I know for 2025 most likely it'll happen, and hopefully next year it does, and I think it'll be a game changer."

LIV Golf leaders and Kevin Na

LIV Golf leaders asked Na to use connections with people inside Korea to arrange to play the LIV Golf event as soon as possible.

Na agreed to it and was of great help. His goal is for LIV Golf to have events on Korean soil. "I think that's more LIV. I think that they are the ones who make that decision. Korea was just - LIV was always wanting to have that happen in Korea, and they asked me if I can try to help out.

And that's all I'm doing. I'm using all my connections and, over the course of my career, the people I've met and my former sponsors and just network. I've met with a lot of people that were interested, and obviously the people that are interested right now were my sponsors for many, many years.

I've met with them a bunch of times while I was in Korea, and just trying to give them the idea what's going on and what to expect."

Kevin Na Liv Golf

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