Bubba Watson: I told my teammates if I'm not good enough they can kick me out


Bubba Watson: I told my teammates if I'm not good enough they can kick me out
Bubba Watson: I told my teammates if I'm not good enough they can kick me out

There is no question that Bubba Watson is a very talented golfer who has shown many times how much he belongs to the group of the very best so far. As the captain of the RangeGoats, LIV Golfer is aware that one day his form may begin to drop, but in the event that this does happen, he is prepared to leave the team.

In the event that that were to occur, Watson asked his teammates to kick him out of the team. “I told my team if they don’t think I am good enough to play, they can kick me out and we will put another good golfer in my place."- Watson said, as quoted by golfmonthly.com

Bubba Watson and his career

Watson is ready to help his teammates.

It is not the first time that Buba has been the one who gives lessons and helps young players. However, if he is not at his peak, he emphasized again that he is ready to leave the team. “I am going to play until they kick me out.

I love helping the young guys. They are all trying to be better and also better at golf. I get to influence three golfers in life, they are all parents and young dads. I want to be there for them and if they have a problem, I want to be able to help them.

Being on a team it helps me and helps them. It is fun for me. I love playing golf with them and spending time in practice rounds, but if they tell me I am not good enough, I will step out and let some other golfer take my place on the team.

But right now I am trying to help the Goats get on the podium again”. Watson is someone who is a big proponent of playing floodlight golf. It is obvious that this is his big dream and that it gives him adrenaline. “In Tulsa near our hotel there was this course that had lights on.

I wanted to go over there so badly and play under the lights. Who doesn’t want to play at night? Playing under lights, that is a real athlete. We are golfers, we have someone carrying our bags, play in the sun in the day, I want to be play under lights so we are real athletes”.

Bubba Watson

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