Lucas Glover disappointed with FedEx Cup format


Lucas Glover disappointed with FedEx Cup format
Lucas Glover disappointed with FedEx Cup format

Golfers and fans of this sport have been reacting strongly to the PGA Tour's FedEx Cup playoff format that is in place, with the circuit reducing the number of players who make it to the finals from 125 to 70. This in turn has caused a lot of reactions from golfers and fans of this sport.

There is a famous golfer, Lucas Glover, who is not satisfied with this kind of format, and has immediately expressed his disappointment over such a system. "Yeah, yeah, it's very contrived to me, the whole thing. I don't even really understand it.

I think if you finish in the Top 125, I don't know why you don't get to play next week. That's my opinion. Been pretty outspoken in that. I think it's silly that it's only 70. I think it's silly that we're playing 70 in these elevated events.

I think it's silly. I think it's taken a lot out of these last few tournaments of the regular season, a lot of that drama and I just think it's silly."- he said, as quoted by

Lucas Glover reacted

It is Lucas Glover's belief that this will present a difficult challenge for each individual as they deal with this situation.

A lot of problems are arising, but despite everything, those rules must still be followed, and in order to secure a place on FedEx, there is going to have to be a great deal of effort invested. “It feels like the toothpaste is out of the tube.

Some of the guys who were pushing for 70 are now backtracking a little bit. I don’t know if it is because they are outside the top 70 or they actually understand it’s kind of silly. We’re touting ourselves as the best Tour in the world, so why wouldn’t you reward the best 125 guys and let them play in your biggest events.

Same with the elevated events. You finish 125th on the best Tour in the world, and you’re in one elevated event, The Players. That’s silly to me and always has been. It doesn’t make any sense to me”.

Lucas Glover

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