Saareks won Finnish Amateur Championship


Saareks won Finnish Amateur Championship
Saareks won Finnish Amateur Championship

Good performances by the Azzurri in the Finnish Amateur Championship – The Erkko Trophy with Alessia Nobilio in second place in the women's tournament and Alessandro Nardini in seventh in the men's. On the course of the Helsinki Golf Club (par 71), in the Finnish capital, an excellent third round in 69 (-2), the best partial of the day, was not enough for Alessia Nobilio, who finished with 211 (71 71 69, - 2) shots, to hook the Finnish Katri Bakker, winner with 209 (68 68 73, -4), leader after two rounds with six shots on the blue and five on compatriot Ada Huhtala, third at the finish line with 214 (+1 ).

Bakker immediately appeared in trouble and with a bogey and a double bogey on the first nine holes she found herself almost close to Nobilio (a birdie), who in the meantime overtook Huhtala.

Finnish Amateur Championship, results

The leader continued with two birdies and two bogeys and on the 16th hole her advantage was reduced to just one shot over the Milanese (two birdies, one bogey), but on the final green, with a birdie she closed the score (73, +2 ).

Two other Finns, who were in preponderant numbers in both tournaments, behind the three protagonists: Adeliina Virtanen, fourth with 215 (+2), and Anna Backman, fifth with 217 (+4) together with the Spanish Casilda Allende Salazar.

In 15th place the second blue in the race, Alessia Mengoni, with 228 (74 74 80, +15). Alessandro Nardini started the men's event in eighth position, kept it in the second round and then moved up to seventh finishing with 210 (71 69 70, -3).

The Finn Jesse Saareks dominated, who imposed himself with 200 (68 64 68, -13) leaving his compatriot Niilo Maki-Petaja with four strokes, second with 204 (-9), and the Estonian Richard Teder with five, third with 205 (-8).

Then another five Finns: Sakke Siltala, fourth with 208 (-5), Elias Haavisto and Markus Luoma, fifth with 209 (-4), Jesse Waaralinna and Jaapo Jamsa, who joined Nardini. The other blue in the field Eugenio Bernardi was forced to retire.

The rules of golf are relatively complicated compared to other sports because they apply outdoors, close to nature and animals. Respect for the rules is a basic element in the game of golf which, almost always based on self-control and the free conscience of the players, often sees distorted results, sometimes consciously, but often unconsciously or lightly, due to non-compliance by many players of the game rules.

In addition to the rules, golf adheres to a code of conduct, known as etiquette, which generally means playing your game with due respect to the golf course and other players. Etiquette is an essential component of this sport.