Tom Kim made many laugh with his outfit: I didn't have unlimited pants


Tom Kim made many laugh with his outfit: I didn't have unlimited pants
Tom Kim made many laugh with his outfit: I didn't have unlimited pants

Tom Kim surprised many with his outfit at the FedEx St Jude Championship. Namely, during his performance, the South Korean golfer hitched his trousers up to show a bit of ankle. Seeing this, many fans of this sport laughed and asked why Kim did it.

Speaking to the media after the performance, Kim explained that the goal of everything was not to get dirty, considering that he has a limited number of trousers. "I think a lot of people are actually having fun out of it, way more than I thought.

It was just, I didn't want to get myself dirty. Just don't like it. I've had a really bad week once this year, so just trying to stay away from it really," said Kim, as quoted by "It was just kind of how I did it back in the old days.

I didn't have unlimited pants so I had to make sure I was able to use those pants for a really long time, so I had to make sure they stayed really clean. A lot of people seemed to have a lot of laughs on it, but I just thought it was pretty convenient.

I like to just keep it simple really, like I didn't bring 10 pairs of pants. I'm traveling for a few weeks, so I try to make my travel pretty light."

Tom Kim and his mistake

However, Kim regretted choosing white pants. He emphasized that he will not repeat the same mistake again.

"Definitely not white tomorrow, that's for sure. I chose the wrong colour, obviously, for the day, but my caddie Joe actually said he doesn't really care what I do as long as I make birdies and eagles, so it kind of worked." Before coming to talk to the media, Kim decided to go to the locker room and change his pants.

They were wet and dirty. "Even though I folded it up, they were still so wet that it still got really dirty. The first thing on my mind after 9, I was ready to leave and change. That was the first thing on my mind. As soon as I went in, I had media requests, I said, can I change, and I feel kind of clean."

Tom Kim

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