Ian Poulter defeated by his son, Luke: It took 19 years for him to finally beat me


Ian Poulter defeated by his son, Luke: It took 19 years for him to finally beat me

Ian Poulter is a great golfer who has achieved great success in his career. However, just like any other golfer, Poulter always aspired to be the best. If he had to name one person he wished was better than him, it would certainly be his son, Luke.

It was Luke who managed to beat Poulter a couple of weeks ago. This is probably his favorite defeat in his career. “So we actually played Queenwood, three weeks ago, and it was a cool match,” he said, as quoted by golfmonthly.com “We were going up the last, and I basically had a five foot putt to tie him, and I missed it”.

During one of the conversations, Ian Poulter decided to joke and emphasize that it took his son 19 years to beat him. “It took 19 years for him to finally beat me. But, you know, the day was always coming when he would have that opportunity and it's just it's pretty special,” -Ian Poulter continued.

Ian will be playing with his son

Ian Poulter will be joined in the field this week by his son. This experienced golfer could not hide his excitement. It seems that the son could have an equally great career. “It's pretty cool to be in a position to have your son playing in the same golf tournament as you.

I mean, it's fairy tale stuff and I think I'm I might be more excited for him than he's excited in himself to play golf this week. So it's just going to be an amazing week”. Ian is aware that today's golf is full of talent and that it is difficult to fight for a place.

However, no one doubts that he has been preparing his son from an early age for what awaits him. Many believe that Luke will succeed in his goals because it is obvious that he possesses enormous talent. "There are thousands of really good golfers nowadays competing on many, many tours and he knows, to be one of those, he's going to have to work exceptionally hard. So he's doing that. He's working hard and hopefully he can reap the rewards of that very soon”.

Ian Poulter