Ian Poulter on Majesticks GC's plans for the LIV Transfer Window


Ian Poulter on Majesticks GC's plans for the LIV Transfer Window
Ian Poulter on Majesticks GC's plans for the LIV Transfer Window

As you have already heard, the 2024 LIV Golf League will include a transfer window for players. Many are wondering which teams will trade with each other and what it could bring. According to Ian Poulter's statements, his team, Majesticks GC, has no plans to do much in the market.

They have a team that seems stable and ready for success. “I think we are in a very fortunate position to have three very senior players that are co-captains and we've signed Sam Horsfield, who we know extremely well, who's an incredible talent in the game of golf,” he said, as quoted by golfmonthly.com “So for us, it was about making sure we had stability in there.

We didn't want the volatility of having players dropping off and the possible trade aspect”. However, this popular golfer emphasizes that other teams have serious plans regarding the transfer window and that they are already thinking about options.

“Some teams are already in the position where they know they're going to need to either strengthen their team or they may have a couple of members that are playing this year that won't play next year,” he continued.

LIV Golf and its ideas

It seems that LIV Golf has generated additional interest with this move, and caused excitement among fans as well as golfers. It is obvious that they are planning to implement many new things that will revolutionize the world of golf.

The transfer window is a really great idea that could arouse the interest of both older and younger fans of this sport. “They'll be looking to work out who's available, who's coming in, who they may be able to trade from another team so there's quite a lot of excitement coming within the LIV teams between now and the end of the season, and it's different.

It gives a really cool vibe that we've never really seen before. Having the trade option, having the ability to try and strengthen your team. I think for the fans, it gives a really great dynamic into a sport that has never seen that before”.

Ian Poulter

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