North Korea opens to golf with amateur event

"Almost no one in North Korea plays golf and almost no tourists play when they are there"

by Andrea Gussoni
North Korea opens to golf with amateur event

North Korea will hold an international amateur tournament at the Pyongyang golf course, one of the most exclusive in the world, in which they will invite foreign golfers to bond with local players, according to RPDC Tourism, the official tourism website of North Korea.

the North Korean nation. The Asian country will use this sport as a new diplomatic tool in North Korea's attempt to open its borders to the rest of the world. A tournament that he knows very little about so far, but in which participants will be able to enjoy different attractions such as a shooting range and that will take place between autumn of this year and spring of 2024, according to information from the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph.

North Korea, golf

However, this new strategy of sagacity is surprising due to the low interest of North Koreans in golf, according to the words of Simon Cockerell, general manager of Koryo Tours (an independent western travel company based in Beijing, which specializes in tourism group and independent to North Korea) on the US news portal on the North Korean territory NK News.

"Almost no one in North Korea plays golf and almost no tourists play when they are there," said Cockerell, who was surprised about the Asian country's proposal and who indicates that this possible tournament serves as a way for international organizations to act in a benevolent manner with North Korea, after the ban from participating in the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing 2022 for not attending the Tokyo 2020 Olympics due to the concerns of the North Korean authorities about Covid-19.

The 'dubious' record of Kim Jong-il
Golf does not have the same popularity in North Korea as judo or wrestling, which are the most popular sports in the North Korean region, although the golf course in the capital of the Asian country is just as important for witnessing a fact incredible made by the previous dictator, Kim Jong-il, who supposedly made 11 holes in one in 1994, as reported by the chroniclers present there.

Although everyone knows the secrecy of North Korea and the impossibility of carrying out such a feat. Kim Jong-il's fondness for golf has not had the same inclination in his son Kim Jong-un, the current dictator of North Korea, who has used the country's private fields as a launch area for a new ballistic missile Intercontinental in July.