Challenge Tour remains in Northern Europe


Challenge Tour remains in Northern Europe
Challenge Tour remains in Northern Europe © Getty Images Sport - Octavio Passos / Stringer

The Challenge Tour remains in Northern Europe, passing from Finland to Sweden for the third edition of the Dormy Open, scheduled from 24 to 27 August at the Askersunds Golfklubb in Åmmeberg, where nine Italian players will compete: Lorenzo Scalise, Andrea Pavan, Francesco Laporta, Jacopo Vecchi Fossa, Aron Zemmer, Filippo Celli, Lorenzo Gagli, Gregorio De Leo and Stefano Mazzoli.

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The Spanish Emilio Quartero Blanco defends the title in a field that includes only 11 competitors in the top 20 of the Road To Mallorca (order of merit), a position that if occupied at the end of the season will be worth a 'card' for the DP World Tour 2024.

there are important absences such as those of the South African Casey Jarvis (n. 1), of the English Alex Fitzpatrick (n. 2), Matt's younger brother, and Matteo Manassero (n. 4), players who however have already practically mortgaged the change circuit, barring clamorous surprises, and which therefore can also make choices in this sense.

The French Ugo Coussaud (n. 3), the Spanish Manuel Elvira (n. 5), the Swede Adam Blomme (n. 7), the Welsh Stuart Manley (n. 9), Lorenzo Scalise (n. 6) have a different opinion and Andrea Pavan (No. 8). The first of the two blues returns after an unlucky excursion on the DP World Tour (World Invitational) and the absence on the second continental circuit which cost him a step back in the money list.

Pavan is also back, who instead allowed himself a two-week break after the fifth place in the British Challenge, however remaining firm on eighth place. More than at the top of the top 20, there is an air of change around 20th position for the simultaneous forfeits of those classified from 16th to 19th, the English Sam Bairstow and Jamie Rutherford and the South Africans JJ Senekal and Jaco Prinsloo.

A good opportunity, therefore, for Laporta to recover from 23rd place, but also for the two who precede him, the Iberian Ivan Cantero Gutierrez and the Portuguese Ricardo Gouveia, and for the two who follow him, the English Brandon Robinson Thompson and Finnish Lauri Ruuska, who just won the Vierumäki Finnish Challenge.

For the other Azzurri, there are different objectives concerning the possibility of attending the circuit next season, without however ruling out a possible exploit for anyone. The jackpot is 250,000 euros with the first coin of 40,000 euros.

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