Tiger Woods visits the site where Mike Trout's golf course will be built


Tiger Woods visits the site where Mike Trout's golf course will be built
Tiger Woods visits the site where Mike Trout's golf course will be built © Andrew Redington / Getty Images Sport

Major League Baseball star Mike Trout decided to build a golf course. The interesting thing is that he chose to have Tiger Woods' company, TGR Design, do the design and planning of the course for him. The fact that construction will start as soon as possible is particularly pleasing to Trout.

Having waited for this moment for a long time, he excitedly confirmed the information through social media. "The wait is over," Trout wrote on social media. "Excited to share the latest from Trout National - The Reserve. We've finalized course routing and are continuing to make progress on this unique and exciting project with @TigerWoods and @tgrdesignbytw."

Mike Trout: My favorite golfer growing up obviously was Tiger

Tiger Woods visited the place where the new course will be built and he was very pleased with what he saw.

Trout is thrilled to have been given the opportunity to work with Tiger Woods and his company, and is looking forward to the future. As a boy, he was interested in following this great golfer and was captivated by his movements.

As Trout is well known for being a huge fan of golf, it comes as no surprise that he made this decision. It was apparent that this popular MLB player could not contain his excitement and satisfaction over the opportunity he had to communicate with Woods and share his impressions with him.

“My favorite golfer growing up obviously was Tiger," Trout said. "I thought it would be pretty cool to reach out. We reached out, got a positive vibe when we mentioned it and got his team down to the site. Once Tiger’s team came down to the site, they loved it.

It’s surreal. I mean, it’s friggin’ Tiger! We talk now. I’m starting to get to know him. I talk to him over the telephone. It’s pretty crazy”.

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