Megan Khang wins CPKC Women's: First LPGA win

“There were definitely nerves. I was shaking signing my scorecard"

by Sead Dedovic
Megan Khang wins CPKC Women's: First LPGA win
© Vaughn Ridley / Getty Images Sport

A CPKC Women's Open title has been won by Megan Khang. On Sunday, Khang beat South Korean Jin Young Ko in a one-hole playoff to take the title. It's Khang's first LPGA Tour title. Megan Khang did not want to put pressure on herself and tried to focus only on her game.

However, this was not possible under the conditions when Jin Young Ko was 'lurking behind her back' In the end, Khang decided to control the things she could, and that was her game. Megan Khang didn't want to give up a single moment.

She was completely focused on winning the title. During the entire tournament, Khang showed quality, and it can be said that her title was deservedly won!
“You know, it was tough today. I knew in my head I had a three-shot lead.

You don't really think about results, but of course you want to get the win at the end of the day. It took a litle longer than regulation to get it done, but Sei Young was kind of pushing me the whole day and I was trying not to think about what she was doing.

I couldn't help it. I think at one point we were only one shot apart. On 16 I looked at the leaderboard and I saw I was tied with Jin Young and I was like, oh, yeah, got a couple people to worry about. At the end of the day, Jack was kind of reassuring me, hey, let's go do our own thing.

We can't control what they're doing."- she said, as quoted by!

Megan Khang was nervous

During certain moments, Megan Khang was overwhelmed with nervousness and didn't know what to do. She was, however, surrounded by a lot of support from her friends.

It was important for her to keep her mind off other things and focus on winning the title. Her efforts paid off in the end. "I triple checked that scorecard to make sure everything was correct and we did sign,” said Khang.

“You know, I was very thankful to have some friends out there who were right there telling me I got this and that they're there for me. It's always nice when you have that kind of friendship out here on tour. That playoff I tried to stay in my own litle world.

I didn't know where Jin Young had hit her tee shot. I was just trying to keep my head down and stay in the moment and not get ahead of myself”.