Fred Couples explains the reasons why Justin Thomas was picked

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Fred Couples explains the reasons why Justin Thomas was picked
Fred Couples explains the reasons why Justin Thomas was picked © Logan Whitton / Getty Images Sport

Cam Young is one of the golfers who will not be part of the USA Team at the Ryder Cup. This has sparked reactions from golf fans who can't understand Captain Zach Johnson's decision. In addition, it is a confusing fact that Ryder Cup vice-captain Fred Couples said a few weeks ago that Cam Young will be part of the team in Rome this year.

Zach Johnson had to explain Couples' statement at the pre-conference. "I know what was said, but I think that was a while back," Johnson explained Couple's statement. "It was kind of in jest. It is what it is." Couples also revealed that the players from the team chose who would be part of the team, and apparently the choice fell on Justin Thomas.

It seems Johnson and Couples had no problem accepting the players' decision. “I’ve got 50 texts today, why two or three guys aren’t on the team. And I don’t have an answer for that. The only answer I have is, this is the team, and the team has spoken.

And if the team likes another guy a little bit better than that guy who didn’t win six tournaments and do all this, then, then no one has a problem with any of it. "- Couples said.

Fred Couples on Justin Thomas

Couples believes that choosing Thomas was a no-brainer.

"I think the JT thing is the strongest pick. That was a no-brainer. The analytics would say no, the way he plays golf, said yes."- he said, as quoted by! Jim Furk's team didn't do well in Paris in 2018. However, Justin Thomas was one of the few who played great.

That was exactly one of the reasons why they wanted him on the team again. "One of the things, according to Jim Furyk, we didn't play the course in Paris the way it should've been played - JT did. JT will play this golf course (Marco Simone) like it should be played. One of the things JT can do is dissect a golf course."

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