Pro-Am, format with professional and amateur


Pro-Am, format with professional and amateur
Pro-Am, format with professional and amateur © Getty Images Sport - Mike Ehrmann / Staff

Generally, sports players are divided into two categories: Professionals and Amateurs. Professionals are the athletes who get paid to play. These athletes can win cash prizes. Normally, an amateur is not eligible for prize money.

Furthermore, in most sports that exist, amateurs never have the opportunity to play with or against professionals. Well, in the world of golf this is possible when a Pro-Am competition is played.

Pro-Am, rules

A Pro-Am is a tournament where professionals and amateurs compete against each other.

It is a team competition that takes place over one day and is made up of a team with a professional golfer and 3 or 4 amateur golfers. Pro-Ams are a win-win for everyone, but especially the amateurs as they get the chance to play against pros and celebrities.

Pro-Ams serve many purposes for the different parties involved. Professionals have the opportunity to interact with potential sponsors and try out the field on which they will play in the days following the Pro-Am. By getting to know different people, professionals can build a network of contacts to earn additional income to that of racing, becoming the face of a brand or being part of a product!

And the amateurs? Amateurs can play alongside the best golfers in the world! A unique experience that gives an important injection of confidence. Some pros also give advice or help during the round of golf, so imagine having the opportunity to play with your idol and get advice on top of that!

Both professionals and amateurs can participate in the Pro-Am. For pros, this is an opportunity to play against other pros and to connect with potential sponsorships. Amateurs can play on a course with professional rules and against the best in the world.

The rules of golf are relatively complicated compared to other sports because they apply outdoors, close to nature and animals. Respect for the rules is a basic element in the game of golf which, almost always based on self-control and the free conscience of the players, often sees distorted results, sometimes consciously, but often unconsciously or lightly, due to non-compliance by many players of the game rules.

In addition to the rules, golf adheres to a code of conduct, known as etiquette, which generally means playing your game with due respect to the golf course and other players. Etiquette is an essential component of this sport.