Kevin Kisner calls PGA Tour leaders insane: They have the gold, we don't


Kevin Kisner calls PGA Tour leaders insane: They have the gold, we don't
Kevin Kisner calls PGA Tour leaders insane: They have the gold, we don't © Andy Lyons / Getty Images Sport

Kevin Kisner is one of those who cannot understand certain PGA Tour moves and their reactions. He was on the PGA Tour's Policy Board as a Player Director from 2020 until the end of last year. The Fore Play Podcast was an opportunity for Kisner to vent his frustrations with the merger and the fight against LIV Golf.

”Super weird. Working so hard on that board. Spending so much time and effort on it over the last three years and then being off of it. And then, you know, kind of getting thrown in your face, like: ‘Hey, you fought three years to fight the PIF and LIV Golf, now were going to be buddies.’ Total waste of time for three years basically”.

- he said, as quoted by!

Jay Monahan

Jay Monahan created a huge problem for himself with the merger, but also with the fact that the majority did not know that it would even come to that. Kisner believes that Jay has jeopardized his reputation.

Monahan can hardly improve his image in the future. “It’s a players’ tour but you hire management that you have the sole purpose of being able to fire and hire to represent you, right? Like, we can fire Jay Monahan if we want to.

It’s not that difficult. Not that I’m calling for Jay’s head but I don’t think the public perception, no matter how this ends, is ever going to make Jay Monahan look like a genius again”. Kisner stressed that all the chaos surrounding PGA Tour-LIV Golf was unnecessary.

Namely, the money the Saudis have gives them a huge advantage. Such an agreement could have happened much earlier, but it is obvious that the stubbornness of individuals and rigid attitudes led to such scenes. “Why did we not do this from the get go? You guys are insane.

Why don’t we just take the f meeting and see what they have to say? What I’ve always been told is he who has the gold wins. They have the gold, we don’t. Why are we going to fight somebody that we can’t beat in a money game?”

Pga Tour

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