Zach Johnson explains why he picked Justin Thomas

"His passion for the Ryder Cup is very evident"

by Sead Dedovic
Zach Johnson explains why he picked Justin Thomas
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Zach Johnson, captain of the USA team, was aware that his choice of players for the Ryder Cup this year would cause huge reactions. Many criticize Johnson for choosing Justin Thomas, who has not been in great shape lately. Zach Johnson explained his decision during the pre-conference.

It seems that the main reason for the decision is the experience and quality that Thomas has. "He has without question been the heart and soul of Team USA, Ryder Cups, our emotional leader I would say," Johnson said, as quoted by!

"He just leads by example. His passion for the Ryder Cup is very evident. In my mind, he was born for this, and there is - you just don’t leave JT at home."

Zach Johnson on the atmosphere

Johnson emphasized that there is huge excitement before such a big competition.

Every golfer dreams of playing in such a big tournament where only the best have the chance to be part of this story. Not much needs to be said about the atmosphere. Rome will surely be a great place to play. A large number of fans are expected who will provide maximum support.

"I don't think you can really put into words, and us that have experienced it, especially over there, can understand. It's all the nerves that we are playing for. It's why we play professional golf is to be in these kind of atmospheres.

It doesn't matter how many Cups we've played in, whether it's our first one or our fifth one or our third one. We're all going to be nervous, but it's a great opportunity, and I think all of us are very excited, and I know the rookies are, as well." There is not much left until the beginning. The names of the players are there, and everything is ready for a spectacle worth waiting for!

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