Eddie Pepperell surprised by Luke Donald's potential pick

"It would be an interesting one and I can see both sides of the coin"

by Sead Dedovic
Eddie Pepperell surprised by Luke Donald's potential pick
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Eddie Pepperell recently revealed his surprise at a potential captain's selection for Ludvig Aberg. Considering the other players, Pepperell believes that this would be unfair. Pepperell wonders whether this young Swede really deserves the call at this time, despite his talent and quality.

"I feel like he kind of needed to win or come very close to winning this week to warrant a pick. If he doesn’t do that and still gets a pick, I worry a little bit what that means for the guys like, whoever is going to become at the expense of that.

Because they have spent this year playing on this Tour, they’ve done well, it’s a tricky one isn’t it? It’s like Jon Rahm in 2016. Would you have picked him? In hindsight maybe, but you have to respect the qualifying system.

People like Victor Perez. I know he’s not in great form but he’s still third on the Race to Dubai. Nicolai (Hojgaard) has done well also."- Pepperell said, as quoted by golfmonthly.com! Pepperell is aware that the captain will have a difficult decision to make.

"It would be an interesting one and I can see both sides of the coin. I know Luke played with him in Detroit, and he said it was just as good as when Rory (McIlroy) came out”.

Aberg and Ryder Cup

A few days ago, the young Swede commented on the potential chance to play at the Ryder Cup.

It is obvious that at this moment he has no faith that he will really be part of the team. Anyway, playing there is his dream. The next few days will tell a lot. "I wouldn't expect myself to be in that position this early on, to be honest.

Once I'm on the golf course, I just try to have fun and hit as few shots as I can. Then it's up to the captain and the vice captains and see what they want to do. It would mean the world. As a young person growing up in Europe, I watched the Ryder Cup for so many years."

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