Padraig Harrington: Luke Donald is a strong character. People underestimated Luke

Luke Donald is under enormous pressure and responsibility before the Ryder Cup

by Sead Dedovic
Padraig Harrington: Luke Donald is a strong character. People underestimated Luke
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Luke Donald, the captain of the European team, is greatly underestimated and his decisions are often the target of criticism. However, Donald was aware that such things would await him. Padraig Harrington, who was also the captain of the European team, thinks that Donald is a great person for a captain and that many underestimate his qualities.

Harrington stressed Donald is a 'strong character' "He's a strong character. I think people underestimated Luke all his life and he loves that too," Harrington said, as quoted by!

Padraig Harrington on Luke Donald

Harrington emphasized that Donald is not the captain without a reason.

He had the opportunity to work with him earlier and understand what kind of man he is. Although there are prejudices that Donald is quiet and calm and that he will not be able to establish authority, Harrington believes that it will be different.

"You don't get to world No 1, you don't do what he's done in the game of golf without being a hard nut underneath. Just because he's quiet people don't understand. He has that team well-motivated. I saw him as vice-captain and he was great.

I was very impressed with him and believed he would be a great captain and I'm very comfortable to pass on the baton. I believe he's doing a great job from what I hear and see and he's not quiet in the team room. He will have those guys ready to go." The European team is really looking great this year.

When you look at the names, it's no wonder why many believe that the Europeans will win in the end! "I think Europe is very strong this year. I believe we're back to the 80s, Seve [Ballesteros'] time, Bernhard Langer's time, where our best players are actually the best players in the world. I think the team are very strong and very much in form."

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