Rory McIlroy reacts to PIF deal: It neutralises any threat of LIV Golf


Rory McIlroy reacts to PIF deal: It neutralises any threat of LIV Golf
Rory McIlroy reacts to PIF deal: It neutralises any threat of LIV Golf © Oisin Keniry / Getty Images Sport

During the LIV Golf-PGA Tour conflict, Rory McIlroy was one of the main ambassadors of the PGA Tour and often stood up for the PGA. However, just a few months later, the PGA Tour commissioner, Jay Monahan, signed an agreement with the PIF, which also meant the LIV Golf-PGA Tour merger.

In an interview with the media, Rory just now commented on what this could mean for the PGA Tour and what the importance of PIF is to the golf scene. McIlroy believes that the PIF can do great things, and at the same time reduce the influence of LIV Golf.

“The way I’ve looked at it is if the PIF are really interested in golf and they want to get in the system, at least if we provide them with a pathway to play within the system where they are not taking over the sport," McIlroy told Off The Ball's Golf Weekly podcast, as quoted by!

“It neutralises any threat of LIV becoming something that it hopefully shouldn’t become. And they play within the boundaries that are set within our sport, and we all go from there. The only thing I would say about the PIF investments in other sports is that they went in and played with the ecosystems of those other sports.

They didn’t try to buy F1, they didn’t try to buy the Premier League. Yes, they bought a Premier League football club in Newcastle and it’s worked out really well for them”.

Rory McIlroy on PIF and LIV Golf

Although it seems that Rory McIlroy is not completely satisfied with current events, he believes that it is necessary to accept things as they are.

Money coming into famous sports has become a common practice in the last few years. It seems that Rory and many others currently have no power to prevent the influence of the Saudis and others. However, who knows, maybe this will be the right thing for the world of golf!

"You see everything else happening in the world, you see big private equity companies in the America taking their money - the biggest companies in the world. There's a lot of whataboutism and all that stuff, but at the same time, if this is what is happening, then the way I've framed it is that the world has decided for me in a way.

I mean, I've met the guys involved in PIF, I've sat with Yasir, I've talked to him. I don't know what his beliefs are and whatever, but at the same time I've lived in Dubai and the people there who are some my closest friends have the same beliefs as some of these people who we are criticising, so I'd be a hypocrite if I'm not criticising my friends in Dubai then why am I criticising these people? There are so many ways you can look at it."

Rory Mcilroy Liv Golf

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