Golf is losing popularity?! PGA study in the UK and Ireland says the opposite

The heads of golf organizations can be happy with the new information

by Sead Dedovic
Golf is losing popularity?! PGA study in the UK and Ireland says the opposite
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Approximately 16 million people played golf in the UK and Ireland in the last 12 months, according to PGA research. Golf has experienced huge changes in the last few years, and it seems that it is not over yet. With the arrival of LIV Golf, a lot has changed on the golf scene.

The Saudis decided to invest a huge amount of money. They saw a great opportunity in golf. It turned out to be a good move, but at the same time a move that caused conflicts. However, a few months ago there was a merger between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf.

What awaits us in the future is hard to say, but it is obvious that the goal of the people in charge is to attract younger people to follow golf. Judging by everything, it seems that they are successful in this. "This has been an enlightening exercise for us," PGA boss Robert Maxfield said, as quoted by!

"It has confirmed our expectation that golf has changed irrevocably, and that there is huge scope for the golf industry to be more inclusive of different forms of the game and the people who play them."

Maxfield is happy about the report

The leaders of the golf organization want this sport to experience a huge rise.

It was clear a few years ago that golf was losing popularity and that it was necessary to take some measures. Innovation is what golf has been missing. Although individuals, especially older fans, do not really like such things, it seems that these innovations arouse the interest of young people.

"The report gives us detailed insight and is a ground-breaking look into just how far the game has come, and how big the opportunity is to tap into a huge population of people who are already engaged in golf that we haven't had sight of in the past.

It gives the industry the chance to diversify the sport's fan base and user base, and that is hugely exciting." We hope that golf will have a tendency to grow from year to year and remain one of the most popular sports!