Zach Johnson: "Stewart Cink, the dual roles"

Zach Johnson and Stewart Cink found themselves in a state of disarray and mild confusion

by Andrea Gussoni
Zach Johnson: "Stewart Cink, the dual roles"
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Zach Johnson and Stewart Cink found themselves in a state of disarray and mild confusion.

As they fielded questions during a press conference at the Fortinet Championship in Napa, California, they couldn't help but feel a little out of sorts.

After all, they had just returned from an intense Ryder Cup scouting trip in Rome, a whopping 6,245 miles away. The nine-hour time difference was taking its toll on them, but they remained optimistic.

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"We were just discussing this before we sat down," Johnson remarked.

"The time change has thrown us off a bit, but we have some time before Thursday. I'm confident we'll adjust and be just fine."

In the midst of their jet-lagged state, Johnson and Cink showcased their ability to multitask. While focusing on their own careers at the Silverado Resort, they were also fully committed to their Ryder Cup responsibilities.

Their main priority now was aligning themselves with the West Coast time zone.

When asked to share their impressions of the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club, both golfers agreed that it was an exhausting course to navigate due to its challenging terrain.

"I must say, it's the most physically demanding course I've encountered in my Ryder Cup experience," Cink admitted.

"I couldn't agree more," Johnson chimed in.

"Definitely the toughest I've seen during my time."

They mused that the arduous nature of the course might actually alleviate some of the disappointment of being benched for a session.

At Silverado, while focusing on their own gameplay, Johnson - the defending champion - and Cink also hoped to keep a close eye on their teammates.

They expressed particular interest in Justin Thomas, who had been absent from the PGA TOUR since the Wyndham Championship, and Max Homa, the defending Fortinet champion famous for his thrilling victory last year.

Both Thomas and Homa would be part of the American team heading to Rome, aiming to secure a rare away victory in the Ryder Cup after three decades.

The Fortinet Championship, serving as the first event of the FedExCup Fall, held paramount importance in terms of momentum for the upcoming Ryder Cup.

"I genuinely wish for both of them to win," Cink said, his wife serving as his caddie this week.

"Although, I understand the improbability of that. But it would be fantastic if they both came out on top."

"And maybe we can tie for third," Johnson added with a grin, showcasing their lighthearted camaraderie.

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