Shane Lowry on critics who think he didn't deserve to be part of the Ryder Cup team


Shane Lowry on critics who think he didn't deserve to be part of the Ryder Cup team
Shane Lowry on critics who think he didn't deserve to be part of the Ryder Cup team © Warren Little / Getty Images Sport

Shane Lowry was one of the more controversial of Luke Donald’s wildcard picks for the 2023 Ryder Cup. Many were not satisfied with the fact that Lowry will be part of the team, but those who are well acquainted with his quality, know what a great golfer he is.

In an interview with the media, Lowry emphasized that he does not understand why many are dissatisfied with the fact that he was picked. Lowry believes that he is not in great shape, but that he belongs to this team at the moment.

“I know there was a little bit about that last week and me, and - need to be careful here. Didn't sit very well with me to be honest. I feel like, yes, my results have not been amazing this year, but I feel if you purely go down to statistics and go down to the 12 best players in Europe, I'm one of them.

And I feel like I deserve my place on the team”. - Lowry said, as quoted by!

Irish Open and his performance

His performance at the Irish Open changed the minds of many, as Shane played a great tournament and finished third.

However, Lowry is not satisfied and reveals that his goal was to win the tournament.
“I didn't feel like I had to go out and prove anything to anyone last week. The Irish Open is important to me and a tournament I wanted to play well in.

If I shut a few people up, so be it, but I wasn't trying to do that last week. I wasn't trying to finish third last week. I was trying to win last week. So last week was disappointing for me. This week is the same. I'm trying to win the tournament here this week.

I know I deserve to be on that team and I know I'll be good in Rome in a couple of weeks, and I'm very excited for it."
This excellent golfer believes that he will be of great help to his team given his qualities. His motivation and passion are one of the reasons why he is part of this team.

We will see if he will fulfill the expectations of the fans at the Ryder Cup. "I think I'm a good player for a start. I think I'm not going to be afraid of anyone that comes to stand on first tee in two weeks' time. I think I'll be good for the rookies.

I think I'll be good for team morale or in the team room .I think, you know, I'll be passionate. I'll show my emotions. I'll enjoy myself."

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