Max Homa excited for the Ryder Cup and impressed with Marco Simone


Max Homa excited for the Ryder Cup and impressed with Marco Simone
Max Homa excited for the Ryder Cup and impressed with Marco Simone © Orlando Ramirez / Getty Images Sport

Max Homa will be one of the golfers with huge expectations at the Ryder Cup. The great US golfer is already excited about what lies ahead, as he knows an interesting task awaits him. There is no doubt that the Ryder Cup is a tournament that attracts the attention of golf fans throughout the world.

In an interview with the media, Max specifically pointed out that he was impressed by the Marco Simone golf course.
"Just standing on the first tee when we went out there last weekend with zero people there was insane just how big the stands are," said Homa, as quoted by!

"All the stories all the boys were telling me just about what it's like, whether home or away. The Presidents Cup was so exciting and it was so raucous and it was so wild. I had a few people tell me that it's just nothing compared to what the Ryder Cup will be, and I really had a hard time believing that until I saw the stands on the first tee.

We had a tunnel out at Quail Hollow and it was nuts, but this is like quadruple the size. Just that alone, you could already tell how different it is and how amplified it will be. We obviously haven't won there in 30 years, so we have a lot we're trying to accomplish and a bit of a chip on everyone's shoulder.

So it just feels bigger."

Max Homa

Max Homa wanted to use the time to get to know the course better and understand what awaits him. The US team really has the necessary strength, but on the other hand, they also know that the European team represents a great danger.

However, Homa has optimism and faith that he can do great things. It remains for us to see who will be more dominant in a few weeks. "It was very nice to see the golf course. I would say those weeks are so busy, you almost feel like you're rushing, at least that's what I felt at the Presidents Cup.

You're rushing to get to know things about the golf course, you're rushing to get some extra practice in, whatever it may be. At Quail Hollow we all played it a billion times and this one we had never been to."

Max Homa Ryder Cup