Alps Tour and LET Access collaborate again


Alps Tour and LET Access collaborate again
Alps Tour and LET Access collaborate again © Getty Images Sport - Octavio Passos / Stringer

Alps Tour and LET Access collaborate again for the second edition of the Hauts de France-Pas de Calais Golf Open (14-16 September), which will take place on the course of the AA Saint Omer GC, in the city from which the club takes its origin name in France.

Two separate competitions are played over a distance of 54 holes, with 66 players from the men's circuit and the same number of players from the women's circuit. Cut for both tournaments after 36 holes which will leave the first 35 in the ranking competing and the tied in 35th place.

In each of the two events the prize money is 40,000 euros.

Alps Tour and LET Access, schedule

A total of 22 Italians on the field, 18 men and four girls. In the men's tournament there will be the three Italian winners of the season, Gianmaria Rean Trinchero (number 7 on the money list), Luca Cianchetti (number 9) and Manfredi Manica (number 11).

With them, among others, Enrico Di Nitto, Edoardo Raffaele Lipparelli, Andrea Romano, Cristiano Terragni and Andrea Saracino, third last year together with Manica. The Dutch Davey Porsius (n. 8 in the ranking) defends the title in a context that includes 14 of the top 15 in the order of merit, including the Frenchman Oihan Guillamoundeguy (n.

2), who owns the Abruzzo Alps Open, the other Dutchman Lars Keunen (n. 4) and the Spaniard Quim Vidal Mora (n. 5). Absent is the leader, the Dutchman Kiet Van der Weele, who, having won three tournaments, is already ahead of the Challenge Tour where at the end of the season the top five in the order of merit will enter.

On the LETAS front, Lucrezia Colombotto Rosso, Erika De Martini, Sara Berselli and Martina Flori will be competing. In the field there are seven of the top ten in the ranking (at the end of the year the top six will have the 'card' for the Ladies European Tour 2024) including the Swiss Chiara Tamburlini, number 3 and the highest in this ranking, who scored in two of the last three events, the English Emily Price (no.

4) and Gemma Clews (no. 5) and the Slovenian Katja Pogacar (no. 8). New Zealander Momoka Kobori will not participate. which imposed itself in 2022 and now on the LET.