Justin Rose: Ryder Cup weeks are actually awful if you lose

Justin Rose is a player from whom a lot is expected

by Sead Dedovic
Justin Rose: Ryder Cup weeks are actually awful if you lose
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Justin Rose will be the great hope of the European team. Although he is 'only' 43 years old, Rose has a lot of experience behind him, given that he started his professional career as a teenager. Rose is ambitious and wants to do well in the Ryder Cup.

However, it is clear; Only victory is an option! “Some players say the Ryder Cup is the greatest week of your life, win or lose,” Rose said, as quoted by golfmonthly.com! “That’s rubbish. They are actually awful if you lose.

I don’t enjoy losing." Rose does not want to be a player who will put pressure on the younger players with his experience. He is aware that today's young players are much more aware of themselves, and golf has also progressed a lot.

Rose wants young players to follow him and thus learn something from him. This will be a great opportunity for everyone. “I’ve thought about my role for sure,” Rose said. “I do come in with a lot of experience.

But it’s not a role I want to push on any of the younger lads. It needs to be natural and organic. I don’t want to install my views on the others if it is not how they see things. They need to come to me. But if they do, I’m more than happy to dive into that role.

Having said that, the youngsters today do seem to be a little bit more self-assured than generations past. So it is best to let them freewheel. My role is really to get comfortable with them and be there for them if required”.

Justin Rose on the team

Rose had the opportunity to be with the boys in Rome. It was immediately clear that there is unity within the team. The most important thing is that there is respect between the players. Then when you have respect and a positive team spirit, results will surely come.

“The bonding started last Monday in Rome, which has made this week a more gentle carryover but the benefits are there. I was on the adjacent eighth tee today when Sepp Straka drove off the 11th. He looked over and gave me a thumbs-up.

That wouldn’t have happened had we not gone to Rome. So there is momentum already. I love the way the team is shaping up. It’s very balanced. We have a nod to the past. We have the top players in the game. And we have some new blood”.

Justin Rose Ryder Cup