Justin Harding gives an injury update


Justin Harding gives an injury update
Justin Harding gives an injury update © Stuart Franklin / Getty Images Sport

Justin Harding, a former player of the LIV Golf Tour, has provided a brief update on the progress of his injury since a fractured hip forced him out of action for most of 2022 and most of 2023 as a result of that injury. Despite the fact that this great golfer planned on returning to the game at the beginning of this year, he had to wait a little longer than he would have liked because of multiple fractures in the same hip.

As the doctors told him, in order for him to be able to return to his favorite hobby, he would still need patience. “Full circle and some… yesterday marked 1 year since I was told I’d fractured my hip and couldn’t play for the remainder of the ‘22 season.

After an attempt at returning in the early part of the year I was told I’d now had multiple fractures of the same hip and advised to stop once again."- he said, as quoted by golfmonthly.com!

Justin Harding: It’s been 6 months now without competitive golf

Although he expected to be able to perform in 2023, Harding will have to rest for some time.

He is visibly disappointed, but unfortunately such injuries take some time. At the moment, he is doing his best to get back on the golf scene. Although he is disappointed, there is still optimism in him and hope that things will turn out for the best for him.

This is the mentality that every athlete needs. “It’s been 6 months now without competitive golf. ‘23 season will be lost I can only hope to get back in time for next season. Still not swinging but trying everything I can to be as ready as ever when the imagery says I’m healed.

Will still be a long road back to pro competition but I’m looking forward to the challenge and being back out competing with the best where I belong”.